Covid-19 Travel Restrictions Update

Iceland’s Borders are Now Open

The Icelandic government recently announced that all visitors to Iceland can enter the country without quarantining provided that they can present a valid medical certification of either a vaccination or previous Covid-19 infection. This even applies to countries outside the Schengen area, such as the United States and United Kingdom. This will, no doubt, have a positive impact on TV and film production opportunities in Iceland, and it can continue to serve as a premier destination.

For visitors who have not been vaccinated, a negative PCR test certificate must be presented at the border, and they are expected to undergo a Covid-19 screening and enter a 5 day quarantine period. A second Covid-19 screening will be undertaken after five days, and if this test is negative, then all travel restrictions within the country shall be lifted and visitors are simply required to follow all hygiene and social distancing measures where required.

As of May 1st, Iceland will be adopting the ECDC risk assessment colour coding system, and all arrivals coming from low-risk Green and Yellow countries may visit Iceland and be exempt from quarantine as long they provide a negative PCR test. They will, however, be required to undergo a Covid-19 screening, but after this they will be free to travel to location. The above rules apply regarding a medical certificate of a previous Covid-19 infection, or having previously been administered a vaccination, in which case you are not required to quarantine or undergo a Covid-19 screening.

If you are traveling from a risk area, such as Red, then you must provide a valid certification of a negative PCR test no less than 72 hours before arrival. You are then expected to undergo a Covid-19 screening, followed by 5 day quarantine, and a second Covid-19 screening. If you can provide a valid medical certification of vaccination or a previous Covid-19 infection, then you will not be required to quarantine or undergo a Covid-19 screening.

Modified Quarantine

If your production schedule requires that you avoid delays as much as possible, you can apply for a specially modified quarantine period

There is also an important overview and  checklist that we recommend you read throughly.

Before Arriving in Iceland

Please make sure that you register your intended arrival, and note that registering on does not guarantee entry to Iceland. Please ensure that you bring all valid certifications of either a vaccination or previous Covid-19 infection with you, otherwise your entry to Iceland will be denied and will cause further delays to production.